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Tailored Shirts Gold Coast

Without A Jacket To Hide Behind, Tailored Shirts Are Serious Business On The Sunny Gold Coast.

With its year-round sunshine, it’s no wonder why people flock to Gold Coast as soon as the other Australian states experience a drop in temperature.

Gold Coast boasts of pristine waters and endless coastlines, making it the perfect destination for travelers seeking respite from the frigid weather. However, the state is not merely a vacation hot spot. This piece of heaven, with a population of only a little over 600,000 residents, is home to both small and large-scale local and international corporations.


Business in the Gold Coast

The kind of lifestyle prevalent in the area has led men to create their own style of business wear that you wouldn’t see anywhere else in the country.

Although majority of the men in Gold Coast avoid boring old suits in gray and blue, they are still expected to look their best regardless of the nature of their businesses. And they still put plenty of effort in ensuring that they look presentable.

The Gold Coast approach to men’s fashion is clearly influenced by its natural landscape. Hot and humid air can make anyone in a suit or jacket feel painfully uncomfortable. Because of this, men ditch the layers to reveal comfortable cotton shirts that hint of the men’s well-toned physique.

From beach to boardroom

Since the beach lifestyle has transitioned from the coastline to the conference room, you’ll rarely see a man wearing a full suit in the Gold Coast. And if you do, it’s most likely that he’s not from the area.

Men of the Gold Coast pride themselves in being fashion forward individuals, with no hint whatsoever of rigid fashion rules. Rolled up shirt sleeves, often viewed as taboo when it comes to men’s business wear, are normal in the Gold Coast.

In this city, expression of one’s individuality takes center stage, and this is often seen in the bold, contrasting prints on shirts and accessories. Custom-tailored shirts, in handsome prints of stripes and gingham, pack a punch of color and liven up any room they grace.

Same thing goes for ties, socks, and other accessories. Daring details, such as contrasting fabrics in collar or cuffs, make a good fashion statement. It seems that male Gold Coast dwellers have a dictum of the bolder, the better.

Men from the Gold Coast aren’t afraid to make a fashion statement, and they stand by their fashion choices with matching confidence to boot. The beach lifestyle is very apparent, and it has transcended so-called fashion taboos that exist elsewhere.

It’s a style that is uniquely Gold Coast—a kind of fashion that can only be carried out successfully by the men from the sub-tropical paradise.



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