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Tailored Shirts Melbourne

As The Country's (Corporate) Fashion Capital, Tailored Shirts Are Serious Business In Melbourne.

Home to more than four million people, Melbourne is an eclectic and vibrant city where the most sartorially forward individuals congregate.

A multicultural hotspot, Melbourne’s old world charm draws people from around world. To label Melbourne, "European-inspired" is an insult - this city is truly one to its own - decked with acultural landscape that is both enigmatic and global. From Victorian-era architecture to contemporary art, Melbourne has everything for everyone.


Fashion forward

As a country, we're generally known to be relaxed and easy-going; Melbourne leans toward the more sophisticated styles usually found in European countries. In this regard, it is safe to say that Melbourne-city dwellers take fashion very seriously.

Despite the seemingly severe attitude toward fashion, men from this city know how to incorporate trendy pieces into their wardrobe. Fun prints on tailored shirts—from stripes to gingham—have become stapes in men’s corporate wear. Add to those the colorful neckties and socks, and you have a work outfit that you can take from work to play.

Dressing for comfort and style

As with the architecture, retail geography in this fashion capital has been largely influenced by the trends in European cities such as Paris and London. Men, in particular, have adopted corporate ensembles made fashionable in Europe. However, the cool-climate outfits made popular in the west offer little ease during Melbourne’s scorching summer heat.

Climate dictates Melbournian’s attitude toward fashion, particularly in corporate wear. From heavy fabrics to dark tones, the men of Melbourne have learned how to play with a variety of colors and different types of breathable fabrics to spice up an otherwise dreary business attire. Jackets are often optional, as the rapidly changing and unpredictable weather in Melbourne requires one to do some layering and be able to remove some of it quickly for comfort.

All the fine details

Dressing up for work in Melbourne means that everything needs to be well-coordinated from head to foot. Details matter—from the type of fabric one wears to the style of button stitching used—the Melbournians will take note of the smallest features of one’s attire. It is perhaps the only place in the world where a barista’s opinion about one’s fashion sense has more weight than a CEO’s.

A great fitting, custom-tailored shirt has more impact than one that is bought from the store. The rise in number of bespoke shirt stores has made it easier for the Melbournian men to dress up impressively for work. Made with only the highest-quality fabric, tailored shirts can make one look dignified when paired with the right accessories.

With a climate as diverse as its dwellers, the men have found their feet and created a style that is uniquely Melbournian. For its dwellers’ heightened sense of style, Melbourne has indeed created a name for itself as Australia’s fashion capital.



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