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Tailored Shirts Perth

As Australia's Economic Hub, Tailored Shirts Are Serious Business In Perth.

Beautiful weather, fine beaches, and laidback atmosphere—these are the things that best describe Perth, Australia’s fourth largest city. Over the years, Perth has transformed into Australia’s economic hub.

Home to about two million people, Perth is known for the Fly-In, Fly-Out (FIFO) workers who have greatly contributed to Perth’s economic growth. The city is best known as the center of mining and development in Australia, but Perth has also become a location where large corporations hole up to conduct business.

The Perth climate

Perth is possibly one of the most sun-drenched capitals in Australia. Thanks to its balmy climate, people in Perth prefer to dress up in light clothing. Breathable cotten fabric are a favourite, allowing businessmen to move freely from location to another without melting in perspiration due to humidity.

East Coast influence

The common misconception is that Perth has been largely influenced by the East Coast fashion. However, Perth has its own unique sense of style that one wouldn’t find anywhere else in Australia.

Perth residents have found a way to express themselves through clothing—even when wearing business attire. In a way, Perth business fashion is a little more forgiving as opposed to its East Coast counterparts.

When it comes to corporate wear, there is really no pressure to don a heavy suit and tie. It would be impractical to do so in many cases - except when facing a customer or attending meetings of course.

Trousers and tailored shirts are always a safe bet when it comes to dressing up for business. Although white is a staple, Perth men make a striking impression by wearing colorful shirts. Shirts in gingham, hound’s tooth, and stripe prints make lackluster office wear come to life. Ties are often optional, but whenever worn, they serve as a fashion statement and not as a way to conform.

Perth is a diverse location and this has a huge impact on its fashion. Without the pressure of dressing up like their East Coast counterparts, men from Perth are able to inject their own unique sense of style in the clothes they wear.




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