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Tailored Shirts for Big Men

Big men around the world have one thing in common – it’s almost impossible to find a shirt that fits and looks good ‘off the rack’.

So you end up with an ill-fitting shirt that does nothing to flatter you.

The high street just doesn’t supply great looking mass produced shirts for the bigger man. That’s why so many walk around looking like they have made no effort to look good.

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Take a fresh approach

If you want to look good and feel great, the place to start is the beginning. A tailored shirt fits you like it’s supposed to, and with Tailored Fit’s alteration guarantee you’ll have peace of mind, too.

With our easy-to-follow system, you’ll find measuring yourself is simpler than you ever thought.

We provide videos and photos that take you through the measuring procedure step by step. And once that’s done, you’re half way to wearing a shirt that looks fantastic.

Our first time fit guarantee

If you don’t want to measure yourself, you can always take our measurements form to a local clothing alterations specialist to be measured. Once we’ve received these, we’ll create your shirt to your size and design specifications.

And if it doesn’t fit perfectly the first time, we’ll give you $25 to cover any alterations needed by your local clothing alteration specialist.

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Now the fun part

Our design process means you have full control over the look of your shirt. From collars to cuffs, the final look is in your hands, including:

  • Fabric and colour
  • The cut of the collar
  • The cut of the cuffs
  • Internal fabric on collar and cuffs
  • Buttons and button stitching

Get noticed for your style, not your size

A great fitting shirt will get you noticed for the right reasons. You’ll stand out from the crowd because of the way you look, not what people think you look like. Your friends and family will notice the difference: you’ll look great and feel great.

What are you waiting for? Designing your own shirt is fun, it’s easy, and it’s rewarding. You get the exact style and look you want, and at a great price.

Designing your own shirt has never been easier, looking great never more rewarding.

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