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Tailored Shirts for Tall Men

It’s nearly impossible for tall men to find clothes that fit perfectly. The high street shops cater for the mass market. Unfortunately that mass market doesn’t include men over a certain height.

As a tall man, you’ll have found buying shirts a particular problem.

When the collar fits, the sleeves are too short. When the cuffs reach where they should, the shirt won’t stay tucked in your trousers: every time you move, out it pops.

The result is that a high street shirt never flatters your appearance.

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The Tailored Fit approach

When you order a tailored shirt from Tailored Fit, we start with a completely fresh piece of fabric. We cut to your specifications and measurements, and sew it to your design.

The end product is a great fitting shirt that will make you and your style stand out.

Measuring made easy

You don’t need to be a qualified tailor to measure yourself for your new shirt. We provide simple instructions that will help you measure yourself quickly and easily. We’ll provide videos and photos to help you in this process, giving you the certainty of a perfect sizing.

Of course, it may be that you would prefer not to measure yourself. If this sounds like you, then you can take our measurements form to your local clothing alterations specialist to do the job for you. As soon as we receive the design and measurements specifications from you, we’ll create your perfect shirt.

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What if your shirt doesn’t fit?

We understand that now and again a shirt won’t fit first time. But you don’t need to worry about this.

In the unlikely event of your new shirt not fitting first time, we’ll give you $25 to cover alterations by your local clothing alterations specialist.

That’s a peace of mind guarantee we’ve tailor made for you.

Design your perfect shirt

It’s easy to design your shirt with Tailored Fit. Everything is done online in an easy step-by-step process. The final look is determined solely by you, including:

  • Fabric and colour
  • The cut of the collar
  • The cut of the cuffs
  • Internal fabric on collar and cuffs
  • Buttons and button stitching
  • Pleats and darting

Your tailor made shirt: the height of fashion

When you’re wearing your Tailored Fit shirt, you’ll look great. People will notice the difference in you.

Step inside and design your own shirt today. Looking great and feeling great is no longer reserved for those of moderate height. Stand tall in a unique Tailored Fit shirt today.

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