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Measure Your Shoulders

Now you are required to use the same point that you used in your ‘Arm Length’ measurement.

Again use the sleeve/shoulder seam as a guide to find the ‘end of the shoulder’ as per the pictures below. Then run along that seam until you’re at the top of your shoulder. Measure from that point across your back to the same point on the other shoulder. This measurement should follow the shortest path across the curve of your back from point to point.

As with any measurement you submit to us at Tailored Fit, remember to measure with two fingers on the inside of the measuring tape and to never stretch the measuring tape. Please round all measurements up to the nearest centimetre. IMPORTANT: if you’re not 100% about a measurement it’s always better to go too-big rather than too small.

In the example give below, you would submit the measurement of 45cm (size small).



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