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Tailored Groom Shirts

Your wedding day is going to be one you and your new wife will remember for always. Your bride will have agonised over her dress. It’s likely you and your groomsmen will have done likewise over your suits.

A great suit, however, can be ruined by a less than immaculate shirt.

A mass produced mistake

This is a mistake made by many bridegrooms – a made-to-measure suit is upset by a mass produced shirt.

Not only does the shirt hang loosely where it shouldn’t and pinch where it’s uncomfortable, but it’s also being worn by half of your guests.

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A shirt tailored to suit your big day

To look good, feel great, and match the uniqueness of your bride, the answer is to custom design your shirt from scratch.

If that sounds like a difficult job, think again. Here at Tailored Shirts, we give you complete control over your shirt design so you get the exact look you want. You select every inch of your shirt, including details such as:

  • Fabric, style and colour
  • The cut and style of your cuff and collar
  • Buttons and stitching colour
  • Inner fabric on cuff and collar

Measuring made easy

We walk you through the process of providing your body measurements with easy-to-follow instructions. There are photos and videos to help you get everything spot on: you’ll be surprised at how quick and easy the process is.

We also understand that you may be hesitant about this part of your tailored shirt design, which is why we make it easy for you to have a professional to do the measuring. All you need do is take our measurements form to your local clothing alterations specialist. They can then measure you and supply us with all the details.

Stand tall next to your bride

Your bride will look amazing on her big day. With a tailored shirt, so will you. You and your groomsmen will stand out from the crowd, and you’ll remember the cut and feel of your shirt every time you look at the photos.

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Taking the risk out of shirt design

Not only do we make the process of professional shirt design easy, but we give you peace of mind, too. If your shirt doesn’t fit perfectly first time, we’ll give you $25 to cover any alterations required by a local clothing alteration business.

Tailored shirts at great value

You’ll find Tailored Fit shirts to be great value too. Not only are prices highly competitive, but if you buy more than 5 shirts then you can use the BIGDAYDISCOUNT to save $50 on your order.

Get the perfect shirt for your perfect day

You deserve the best – that’s why you’re marrying the woman of your dreams. When she sees you wearing the perfect shirt she’ll know she’s picked the perfect husband.

Start designing your tailored shirt today to ensure you have the perfect shirt for the perfect day.

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